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What is Real Estate Law?

Real Estate Law is the body of law that governs land (aka “Real Property”) by the Texas Property Code. Legal disputes about land can range anywhere from nuisance, trespass, adverse possession, boundary disputes, construction liability, issues with deeds and/or liens and everything in between. Whenever there is a legal issue with rights to land it is important to have a competent attorney on your side, having your back.

Real Estate Law includes:

  • Sales
  • Purchases
  • Renting or Leasing
  • Construction Issues
  • Commercial Transactions

Real Estate Sales & Purchases

Buying or selling a home can be a really exciting experience, our law office gladly helps clients with the aspects of buying or selling their property starting with a real estate agreement. A real estate agreement between a buyer and seller is governed by the general principles of contract law and of the Texas Property Code. Due to these general principals, the sale or transfer of real property is required to be in writing. After getting a written agreement, an attorney is often needed to investigate whether the title of the property is marketable for purchase and to negotiate the terms of the title insurance. Once the title issues are sorted, a deed with a proper legal description of the land must be executed, delivered and officially recorded to establish ownership of the property so it can provide notice of new ownership to subsequent purchasers, adverse possessors, etc.

Landlord / Tenant Laws

In addition to the purchase or sale of real property, the Texas Property Code regulates the renting or leasing of property for residential or commercial purposes. The Texas Property Code covers a range of issues like how security deposits are handled, how to properly do evictions, etc. Depending on the type of issue, the party at fault may be liable for a judgement including attorney fees. Every case is unique and our law office is happy to help people dealing with landlord/ tenant issues.

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